to muddle-through without stickers

This is a continuation of the previous blog that I wrote about the picture book “You are Special”. The person who taught me the picture book taught me a way of life that doesn’t need a gold sticker or a no-good sticker. I also wanted to be like this, so I want to share it with the readers of my blog.

The gold sticker is “bragging”. It’s a shiny sticker that people can boast about, such as “I’m amazing,” “I can do this,” “I’m beautiful,” and “I’m shiny.” In fact, underneath that glittering mark is not only bragging, but also jealousy and anger, such as, “I want to be recognized more, I should be promoted, not him, why can’t I be more successful?”

Both have something in common. Both boasting and dissatisfaction point in the same direction—“to myself.” It could be hard for you if you think why they don’t praise me more?

What should I do in such a case?

First, “to appreciate”. When the dark night ends and the morning sun rises, you are grateful for it. If you hear a bird chirping, appreciate it. Thank for the rainbow in the sky. Even if it’s a small thing, be grateful for “events outside of yourself.”

Second, “to pray for someone.” You wish good luck to those close to you. Is the transplanted organ in him working? Is she safe on her trip to Abu Dhabi? She’s been struggling at her new job. Is she doing her best? Is her diet successful? You pray for people, who came up with on your mind, who is someone else except yourself.

Please try.



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