I love You are Special

An internet news article said it was “terrifying” for a trans-woman(Male to Female)to use the women’s restroom. There are many who agree. I know that. There are a lot of people who are negative about trance-people. I understand that too. Some people say don’t go to work with opposite outfits. I know that too.

It’s hard. If you’re trans-person, you have a hard time too. I understand that too. In that case, read this book. “You are Special” by Max Lucado, Illustrated by Sergio Martinez. It is a picture book.

There is a village with a tree dwarf called Wemmicks. All the tree dwarves were carved by a sculptor named Eli who lives on the mountain. Wemmicks does the same thing every day. Either put on a shiny gold star sticker or put on a bad sticker. Everyone wants a gold star. But if you don’t have talent or you’re beautiful, you won’t get it. If you’re lacking, can’t do gymnastics, or are hesitant, you’ll get rejected more and more. Punchinello’s body was full of bad stickers. he was worried about it. he became a withdrawal. One day he met a girl who didn’t wear either sticker. Why aren’t you wearing it? he asked, and the girl pointed to the top of the mountain.

You should go see Eli over there.

Punchinello went to Eli on the mountain. Then, without saying anything, He said, “Punchinello! Nice to meet you.” how do you know my name? Eli winks, “Because I made you.” He says to Punchinello that you put a lot of bad stickers. Punchinello said I was slow on his feet and cannot jump. Eli advised as follows;

Think and believe in Me rather than what others think. You don’t care about stickers anymore.

Eli is the god and creator of the tree dwarfs. Because every people has dwarves in their hearts, everyone cares about the evaluation of others and is envious others, and has an inferiority complex. In order to stop that, remember that everyone is an “important existence” in the eyes of God, cherish your uniqueness, and think about what you can do for others with your uniqueness.

As a trance person, I have to do for others. So I do.




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