Stylish life at 85

Surrounded by good things, she wanted to live in style.

I read a book by Shigeko Obata, an 85-year-old who works at Mina Perhonen shop “Call” in Omotesando, “85-year-old, living comfortably by continuing to do what I love” (written by Shigeko Obata, Yamato Shobo). She works twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays from 11am to 5pm. It is said that it is just the right job in terms of physical strength. Why she started working? Ms.Obata lost her husband at the age of 79 and felt a blank in her heart. She then saw a job advertisement in a magazine.

“Age doesn’t matter. Those who have a lot of life experience, are mentally healthy, and are 100 years old are welcome.”

Okay at 100 years old! It’s an age of aging. After all, she was a teacher at a dressmaking school and loves clothes, so she decided to apply. As she honestly wrote her experience on her resume, she received an interview notice and was hired. So she started working twice a week in the clothes department of the store (which also has a cafe and a market). I also love Mina’s pattern, as I have the business card holder and glasses of the brand.

I think we should never lose the desire to be fashionable. If you think, “I don’t care what you wear,” you’ll get old in no time. (P55 of this book)

Ms. Obata’s fashion tips are “simple”, “matching your body type”, “color”, “accessories”, and “how to dress”. Buy simple and well-made things, even if they are expensive. Wear good things for a long time. I think I still have a long way to go on coordinating women’s clothing. But like her, I want to maintain her shape to be simple and fit, and I want to train her whole body. But the room is messy…^^;;

I don’t want to carry extra things. If you live with less stuff, tidying up and cleaning will be easier. I don’t do a lot of cleaning, but I keep my house clean. (P96 of this book)

Ms. Obata throws everything away. On the other hand, she loves good things for a long time. The watch she bought when she got married is 60 years old, and the Danish table and chairs are decades old. The light in the room is incandescent (she hate fluorescent lights because they are cold), and she goes outside once a day, to the library in the afternoon, shopping 2-3 times a week. She says she walks as much as she wants.

When finished reading this book, I also wanted to go for a walk. Let’s take a look at the second-hand clothes store after a long time. After walking 20 minutes one way, I saw a jacket displayed on the torso of the store. It might be the most expensive at this second-hand clothing store. I bought it without hesitation. I want to buy “only” things that I love. Throw away the clothes you don’t wear.

After all, if you try to be simple, careful, and keep doing it, your life becomes beautiful. This is the book that taught me that. I’m getting comfortable too.

Surrounded by good things, she wanted to live in style.


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